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10 tips from a professional cyclist

1.      Create a training plan:

If you want to get the best out of yourself and want to see success in your training, you should definitely create a training plan. So you have the opportunity to observe your progress. You can, for example, set a goal and work strategically with your plan. When creating your training plan, make sure that you also schedule the rest phases and focus on content such as strength and persistence training.

2.      Observe the rest phases:

Without any scheduled rest periods, you will not see any great success, no matter what training. Your body needs the opportunity to recover and regenerate after a workout day. A lot of sleep a balanced diet, a walk in sauna or walks can often be enough as compensation.

3.     Have fun:

It is very important that you enjoy cycling. Do not put yourself under pressure or try to force success. The sport should be your compensation to your actual job and help you to get a head free. Of course, you can train hard, but always pay attention to never lose the fun of the thing.

4.      Do not forget to drink:

Always take a large bottle of water before you start your workout. You should pay attention that you get enough liquid.

5.      Unified training

So that you can see small successes in your training after a short time, it is important to start with a unified training. It does not bring anything to try in one day between several training types back and forth. To get the most out of you, focus on a specific region of your body at each training session.

6.      Leave your comfort zone

In order to develop continuously, you have to leave your comfort zone regularly and kick so hard into the pedals until you feel like your legs are falling off. The human body quickly becomes accustomed to physical activities and can only improve if it is brought to its limits from time to time.

7.      Do not mess with others

Everyone has a different body and for every other training possibilities are possible. You should try to find the right pensum for you and not compare with others. Just try a few things out and see if it might even drive you along with others in a group. If you notice that it frustrates you in the long run, then simply train again more often alone.


8.       Strengthen your back muscles

A well-trained upper torso muscles will help your body to avoid long-lasting back pain, and it will be much better in the long run.

9.      Regularly take food to you

You burn a lot of calories during exercise and the body needs energy to continue to give full throttle. By eating before or during the workout, you can also avoid hot showering when you get home. This would make it harder for your body to recover quickly after a long journey.

10. Change your ways

So that your body is not boring, always change your routes again. Your training plan should include a different route on each training day so as not to enter into a monotony.