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5 health benefits of cycling

It is in everyone’s best interest to take regular exercise and one of the best forms of exercise we can take is cycling. For many it might be something that we haven’t done since our youth, but riding a biking is like, well riding a bike, and you never forget how to do it. There’s no time like the present to take to the road on two wheels, particularly while the summer weather is on our side, and enjoy the multiple health benefits of this great pastime.

Good for the joints

The weight of your body is positioned and balanced in a different way when riding a bike. Walking puts all of the pressure on your legs, but cycling means that the bulk of your bodyweight is supported by your pelvis. Your knees and ankles will be less stressed as a result meaning that some mobility problems which can come with old age are not as aggravated bu cycling as they would be by walking or jogging.

An aerobic session

This means that your heart, brain and blood vessels benefit from this form of exercise. Performing aerobic exercise releases endorphins which give you a real feel good factor and improve your general mood, making life feel so much better.

Good for muscle tone

The key to any muscle building exercise is to ensure that muscles on both sides of the limbs are worked out evenly. A lot of people who lift weights make the mistake of focusing on the biceps and neglecting the triceps, for instance, and traditional leg workouts can be the same. With cycle, because of the circular motion of the pedals, you give equal time to quads and hamstrings in the thighs. It is also good for the calf and buttock muscles. As well as the legs, abdominal muscles get attention due to the sitting position and arms and shoulders benefit from holding the handlebars and steering.

Improved balance

Working out using a bike will definitely improve balance as a result of increasing your leg strength. You will also find walking, standing and climbing stairs begins to feel easier with time.

Good for your bones

Cycling really is an all encompassing workout. Because the leg muscles are pulled on the bones thanks to the circular motion of pedalling your bone density will increase as well. Cycling is great for improving strength and stamina and makes your body better, which in turn gives you a better chance of avoiding certain health problems as you get older.

As with any form of exercise, if you’re thinking of starting a new regime when you haven’t done so much exercise in a long time, it is a wise move to seek the advice of a health professional such as your doctor. Getting the ok to do it and having a good idea of your potential limit is a great idea before you start so as not to overdo it and tip the balance too far towards injury or any health risk.