Explore Cities by Bike

Why You Should Explore Cities by Bike

Bicycles re a great way to get around and see the sites when you are exploring a new city. You can go where you want, when you want and are truly the master of your own destiny. There are other reasons you should use a bike for this too. Health benefits This is really the […]

bicycle health tips

5 health benefits of cycling

It is in everyone’s best interest to take regular exercise and one of the best forms of exercise we can take is cycling. For many it might be something that we haven’t done since our youth, but riding a biking is like, well riding a bike, and you never forget how to do it. There’s […]

Is your bike slowly getting old

Knock knock… Is your bike slowly getting old?

Just cycling to the university and zack there it happened. Your bike breaks apart, and you’re going to take a half-way, elegantly set on the road. How could that happen? Perhaps you should have looked for signs that told you that your bike is slowly getting old. If you do not know exactly which should […]

professional cyclist

10 tips from a professional cyclist

1.      Create a training plan: If you want to get the best out of yourself and want to see success in your training, you should definitely create a training plan. So you have the opportunity to observe your progress. You can, for example, set a goal and work strategically with your plan. When creating your […]

Just mad about Cycling

Just mad about Cycling

If you’re serious about cycling you will get out on your bike irrespective of the weather or the way you feel, and whilst it might seem a chore in the first place a couple miles in the future and you will quickly end up feeling much better and motivated. There is going to be a […]