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Why You Should Explore Cities by Bike

Bicycles re a great way to get around and see the sites when you are exploring a new city. You can go where you want, when you want and are truly the master of your own destiny. There are other reasons you should use a bike for this too.

Health benefits

This is really the number one reason. We could all do with taking a little more exercise and if you’re in a cosmopolitan city where you might drink a latte and eat a pain au chocolat every few hours you need an effective way to burn off the calories. Just half an hour of cycling at a steady speed of between 12 and 14 miles per hour will, on average, burn approximately 350 calories. It will also improve muscle tone in your legs and lead to a healthier heart. If you’re in a particularly busy city you might want to wear a face mask to avoid breathing in a lot of unwanted dirt and emissions and you should really make sure you’ve got a helmet too.

The environment

You’re taking care of your own health, so it’s only fair that you should think of the health of the planet too. Obviously a bicycle is 100% emission free and despite strides being made by bus companies to better themselves they will never be able to rival a bike for greenness. The fewer people in a city who drive and the more who cycle will not only drastically decrease the level of carbon emissions but will also combat congestion. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam or Copenhagen you will have seen evidence of this. It works as there are fewer traffic jams and there is comparatively clean in both cities.


Bikes can cost several thousand pounds, but take a look at the lower end of the price spectrum. There are second hand bikes that are in decent condition and are perfectly roadworthy for sale in lots of classified papers or online. Have a look and you might be able to get yourself one for as little as £50. £50 might seem a lot to fork out, but the same amount would get you as little as four weeks of bus travel in some cities. If you’re just visiting you can rent a bike, often for a very low and reasonable amount.

You’re in charge

The joy of cycling means you can stop wherever you want. Seen something interesting? Dismount and go and take a look. This might not always be possible if you take the bus and if you travel by underground railway you can forget it altogether. The slow and leisurely nature of cycling means you will definitely be able to take in more of a city’s surrounding whilst doing it.


It might seem daunting to cycle in the big city, but many places have a wealth of cycle paths and cycle lanes so you’re completely safe from motorists. Just make sure you’ve got a helmet!