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Last excuse to start cycling- GONE

Why exercising regularly is such a problem for everyone?

If you have found what you enjoy to the bottom of your heart (like cycling), but still can’t force yourself to do it is probably your never-ending excuses at fault here. One of the ones that are common across the western world is that it’s not a good time to start.

Winter is cold and slippery; better wait for the summer.

Now it is time to destroy the last standing myth.

It’s only winter


First and foremost, it is only winter. You must understand that. If you are looking for excuses, autumns will be too wet, summers – too hot. That’s never going to change on its own.

The only way to face it is to accept that there are no ideal conditions for cycling. No ideal conditions also means that ALL conditions are ideal. Like any time, morning or night, summer or winter, there are obstacles that you have to prepare to take on.

If you want to stay indoors, open this article and play some slots. At least it will be warm on your couch.

Be prepared

mental preparation

To be fair, there is nothing to be prepared for. You know what will happen. There will be mud and snow, the temperatures will drop and the mornings will be dark.

You already know that.

On the other hand, fresh, chilly weather will be the best morning starter you have ever dreamed of. So, what we mean by ‘prepare’ is imagining yourself driving to work on Tuesday morning on your bike instead of a car.

Try seeing it as a good experience in general but also imagine what could go wrong and how would you go about fixing it.

Get the right clothes

It is likely that have already heard it before but to guarantee you are sticking, start by putting your running shoes, clothes, tools and whatever else you need right beside the door. Start preparing the day before.

So, if you want to start cycling in winter, make preparations the day before. Each day.

It’s hard. It’s good. That’s how it should be.

Not to say that everything you don’t like, you should do. But if you feel you SHOULD and you feel it’s HARD, that’s a great sign you should put extra effort.