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How to prepare for a 100 km Mountain Bike race 

It is possible that for some, a distance of 100 km in Mountain Bike is quite long and, incidentally, it is boring and very complex. However, if you go slowly, with persistence, patience, continuity, determination (though quietly, yes) and, above all, without committing excesses, the results will be more than promising. Let’s see how preparation for this distance should be. 

  1. One of the secrets to be prepared for a 100 km Mountain Bike race is to accumulate a workload. Be clearer and more explicit on this aspect, to say that time and distance will become your “savings” with which you can then run the great path as your personal challenge. In other words, if you have not “saved” enough and necessary, it will be quite complex that you will reach the end, at the “dream challenge“.

This is because the above volume of work will allow you to have a steady and uniform pace to the goal. From the point of view of sports medicine, your body will produce the necessary adjustments from an articular, muscular, metabolic, and other point of view as long as you undergo the body in an effort similar to your goal repeatedly. 

To get a background, just one shot per week. But if you have more time, the ideal would be two (not more than two). This long weekly journey should begin with two hours and reach maximum volume 15 days before the expected target when the time comes for the truth. Therefore, you can optimize the end, with a high intensity and less volume, to maintain the speed and shape you are gaining. Above, without running out of a hundred kilometers. 

  1. In the last two weeks (taking into account the process mentioned in the previous paragraph), many often ruin the whole plan, as they do not respect the less voluminous model. On the contrary, they devote more to “own punishments” every day, as they normally feel good physically. Under such conditions, the body does not properly assimilate training loads.

Now, in addition to every background day you have to do, you have to rest totally and absolutely between two and three days each week. The rest of the days of the week, the variety is needed, so it is advisable to alternate between these sessions. 

  1. You should devote one day to make short and varied rhythm changes. You shoot at a comfortable pace, like 65-80%. Then, after a good warm up, you have to change the fastest pace from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. At first, you will need to double your time at comfortable pace, compared to fast pace. Don‘t forget to take a rest and relax. Don‘t do any physical activity, better visit top slot sites or play some other casino sites.
  2. When you get better physically, you can get at the same time in each area of ​​intensity. You should take these sessions with some flexibility, as a kind of game where, if you do with friends and / or family, one of them takes the initiative whenever the pace changes. If you do it alone, you should look for specific goals. For example: “I accelerated all the way to recover”.