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Big reasons to sell your car and get a bike today

When I was 20, I used to travel to work on a bike. 20 kilometers every day. Forward and back. You know what, I love it. More than driving to work.       

Because, while there are obvious advantages to driving a car, in my mind, a bicycle always wins. Here’s why.  

Often saves time


Going to work means spending long and gruesome hours in traffic. With a bike you have none of that. Find the best route, swing between cars and be home while half of those suckers are still stuck in the jam. 

But this is an essential point I want to extend a little bit. The most direct way is not always the best. Open up google maps and try searching for top three routes. Take into consideration how busy the streets are, what could be good shortcuts and are there bike lanes. Also, when you actually start going to work on your bike – check your time, evaluate the ease, and more importantly, the safety of the route.    

Body benefits 

Obvious cycling advantages to your health seem limitless. Faster metabolism, stronger heart, more oxygen to your brain. Virtually all of your body gets a boost. So, let’s keep this point short and just call it body benefits. 

However, I would add that if your route to work go along many busy roads, I would look to get one of those anti-pollution masks that have already been proven to reduce the effects of air pollution.       

Financial benefits


Money. Do I need to add any more to this?  Many people learn to live without a car. Money spent on insurance, gas, maintenance, repair, even air fresheners and accessories you can easily spend on taxis, holidays and, if you like casino games, slots in this site 

My point is, bikes rarely need repair, or oil, or spare tires or anything like that. Even if you go into the shop and get yourself one of the most expensive bikes out there, it won’t be too long until not driving a car will start to make you passive income.  

What about holidays? 

Right, road trips. You may survive without a car in your daily commute but you can’t make it without a car on your holidays? If that’s the case, I am willing to bet that you could rent a car for two weeks-three and still in the end save money.  

But for big road trips with friends check out whether renting a 20-30 seat van could be an option. In my personal experience, traveling together is always more fun. 


Overall, it is impossible to deny how beneficial to your health, our finances, etc., can be switching your old car into a bike. Still not sure? Check out biking groups on Facebook, ask your friends around if they like biking.  

You never know who you can find. Maybe you will love being so much that you will decide to celebrate an important occasion for you on the road with your loved ones?